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May 19, 2010

Bonnie and Clyde Part 2

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So after reading Prefecting the GAngster, I realized that we as Americans are attracted to breaking rules and being different. Even if we don’t actually do it it’s the possiblity of doing it through other people. Even reading part of the treatment made me want to be Bonnie and go find my Clyde. Also being able to admitt that they took ideas from other films and directors..usually you’ll hear a filmaker say they have got insiration from them.

What I found the most true is how he sad the characters represented the flower child, free I don’t care type of personalities that was just starting to arrive in the country.  They were and still are tht.  From my first post you can see that each generation can identfy with them, whether it be hippies or hip-hoppers.  Now it’s more interstimng to try and convey that through film and once again it was done becasue there was so much creative freedom.  I just think it’s cool when you have the oppertunity to create a mindset and a classic within our society.

May 14, 2010

Bonnie and Clyde part 1

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The reason I’m calling this part one is becasue the article has not been fully read yet. I just find it interesting how this movie has spawned so many songs and a basic sub-culture or attitude. In Hip-Hop in a time were there is so much disrespect towards women, we also have this ideal of what we wnt our women to be a bonnie clone. We have this obsession with gang and gangster culture in this country and bonnie and clyde adds this romantic feel to it. I think in all cultures man want there women to be ride or die, to stick by them no matter what, and this movie and movies like it give people a sort of model to live by. SO in part two I will also comment on what the article has to say

April 22, 2010

Bollywood films

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What I find so interesting is how music can transend to all medians and new tecnology in every culture. I find it intersesting that as soon as sound came to film song was incorparated into every script. This is just shocking because I am so used to film having different genres and elements and going through changes.
One of the things that they do have in common are how the music and the actors/singers become huge songs. We see this a lot in American cinima where the theme song becomes as big or bigger than the movie. Example: Titanic and My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion.
I cant wait to watch the film since the bollywood culture is so large it has also spilled into american mainstream media.

April 9, 2010

The Body Snatchers

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Sorry so late guys but i really wanted to write this:

This movie was really entertaining. I loved the whole ideea nad concept. The only part that I would have changed was the ending. it would have been a better twist if he ended up being one of them as well. In a more in-depth look I think the creators of this movie was trying to point out how easily we all conform and get consumed by fear and paranoia. Especially during this time of the cold war and fearing these unknown people will come and take over. It also shows how much feaer can reuin your life. YOu end up not trusting anyone.

This movie was also really good in terms of shots and getting acroos emotions and fear and keeping the suspense alive. The use of the close-ups were really good and also the shadows played a big part.

This movie was just all around good. I think it did a great job in defing America and the state that people were in and telling a good story.

March 11, 2010

Double Indemnity

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Double Indemnity

This movie was a great example of women in the film noir genre. In the movie we see how a woman is getting over on several men, in the end though no one really prevails. As I watched the movie I was trying to look for the trademark film noir. The ones that were obvious to me were: shadows, impending doom, and dangerous characters.

I think that Janey Place’s article on women in film noir is true and we still see this type of woman in movies today. The way woman are portrayed in these movies makes sense with the timing. It was the end of the war and the men had to deal with all these emotions. Women had taken there jobs, they had seen friends murder, they were committing murder and society sort of abandoned them. The feel that I got from the movie was that the man was struggling between was right and what he thought was in he’s heart. The woman had to bring him to her side. The movie also had the same classic ending where everything had to end right. The woman died which meant that she couldn’t trick anyone and the man figured out he’s path he didn’t die but he would still have to do time for he’s mistakes. The other characters stayed true to their gender roles. The widow’s daughter was sweet and innocent and ended up with a husband at the end, and the boss was this righteous man that took charge.

The whole genre just seems to be this psychological warfare between women getting their empowerment but not in a good way since they are depicted in bad ways, and the men struggling between what’s right and wrong.

March 4, 2010

Citizen Kane-The movie

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Citizen Kane

As I learn and read about films being made I can see why Welles was so excited about making Citizen Kane. While watching this movie I had to watch as if techniques were still being created. Anyone watching now would just think it was a regular film but knowing the background allows you to see why people still speak of the film.

What made this movie great was the fact that Welles had so much control over the way things were to look. This movie changed a lot of what the roles in production were. My favorite shot of the movie was Kane standing in front of all those mirrors. Even today a shot like this would have taken a lot of time and calculation and it was pulled of superbly.

The thing I love most about the movie is how the shots just fit the storyline. It just shows the way he took the script and put it on film was incredible. He had a vision and went for it. The low angle and the high angle shots all had a purpose, everything served a purpose and wasn’t just placed.

Welles Interview

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Interview with Orson Welles

I found this interview to be very insightful; into he’s film making process. I love how excited he is about the whole film making process as well. He was very into he’s work and had to micro manage everything.
The best part of the interview had to be when he started speaking about camera placement. The idea that you just know where to place the camera seemed weird to me but then started to make sense. He gave the example a singer knowing what note to hit, this made a lot of sense. I just disagreed with the whole fact that if you didn’t already know where the camera should be placed you were just shopping around. I feel like if you already know what you want the shot to look like that’s even better but at the end it’s just two different ways of doing things.
I also liked that he realized the importance of the DP. It seems at this time it was unheard of. The DP does do a lot of work and is second to the director and even in today’s film world it is refreshing to see that he’s ego did not get in the way. Overall the most shocking to me is how this great movie had no real planning. It was all done on a whim and experimentation.

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