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April 22, 2010

Bollywood films

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What I find so interesting is how music can transend to all medians and new tecnology in every culture. I find it intersesting that as soon as sound came to film song was incorparated into every script. This is just shocking because I am so used to film having different genres and elements and going through changes.
One of the things that they do have in common are how the music and the actors/singers become huge songs. We see this a lot in American cinima where the theme song becomes as big or bigger than the movie. Example: Titanic and My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion.
I cant wait to watch the film since the bollywood culture is so large it has also spilled into american mainstream media.

April 9, 2010

The Body Snatchers

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Sorry so late guys but i really wanted to write this:

This movie was really entertaining. I loved the whole ideea nad concept. The only part that I would have changed was the ending. it would have been a better twist if he ended up being one of them as well. In a more in-depth look I think the creators of this movie was trying to point out how easily we all conform and get consumed by fear and paranoia. Especially during this time of the cold war and fearing these unknown people will come and take over. It also shows how much feaer can reuin your life. YOu end up not trusting anyone.

This movie was also really good in terms of shots and getting acroos emotions and fear and keeping the suspense alive. The use of the close-ups were really good and also the shadows played a big part.

This movie was just all around good. I think it did a great job in defing America and the state that people were in and telling a good story.

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