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May 19, 2010

Bonnie and Clyde Part 2

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So after reading Prefecting the GAngster, I realized that we as Americans are attracted to breaking rules and being different. Even if we don’t actually do it it’s the possiblity of doing it through other people. Even reading part of the treatment made me want to be Bonnie and go find my Clyde. Also being able to admitt that they took ideas from other films and directors..usually you’ll hear a filmaker say they have got insiration from them.

What I found the most true is how he sad the characters represented the flower child, free I don’t care type of personalities that was just starting to arrive in the country.  They were and still are tht.  From my first post you can see that each generation can identfy with them, whether it be hippies or hip-hoppers.  Now it’s more interstimng to try and convey that through film and once again it was done becasue there was so much creative freedom.  I just think it’s cool when you have the oppertunity to create a mindset and a classic within our society.

May 14, 2010

Bonnie and Clyde part 1

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The reason I’m calling this part one is becasue the article has not been fully read yet. I just find it interesting how this movie has spawned so many songs and a basic sub-culture or attitude. In Hip-Hop in a time were there is so much disrespect towards women, we also have this ideal of what we wnt our women to be a bonnie clone. We have this obsession with gang and gangster culture in this country and bonnie and clyde adds this romantic feel to it. I think in all cultures man want there women to be ride or die, to stick by them no matter what, and this movie and movies like it give people a sort of model to live by. SO in part two I will also comment on what the article has to say

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